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Several sources of magnesium are commonly used in dairy rations and we often take the quality of macro mineral unibet casinosources like these for granted. However, they should not be treated as commodities.

In this webinar, Clayton Stoffel, Papillon Technical Services Manager, presents recent research on the intestinal health implications of feeding calcium magnesium carbonates, especially during challenges like heat stress and transition. Learn about sources of magnesium available to nutritionists and the opportunities and challenges surrounding each source, especially when it comes to quality and bioavailability.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. The unibet casino appdifferent sources of magnesium available and the challenges and benefits of each.
  2. How to identify methods for comparing magnesium source quality.
  3. What makes calcium magnesium carbonates unique in the magnesium supplement space.
  4. The most recent research findings on gut health and calcium magnesium carbonates.

Meet Clayton Stoffel

Clayton Stoffel serves as a Technical Services Manager for Papillon Agricultural Company and has been with the company for almost 10 years. His focus is primarily on blended proteins and MIN-AD®. This focus involves overseeing unibet casinoformulation and quality control of Papillon’s line of bypass protein blends as well as research and development on both product lines. He also provides expertise in the field related to ration modeling and has developed several on farm efficiency and management audit programs targeted at helping producers and nutritionists benchmark and improve their operations. Stoffel grew up on a 150-cow dairy in southeast Wisconsin and holds a master’s degree in dairy nutrition from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. 

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