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DeTerra 365™ is an anti‑caking agent for use in beef unibet live casinoand dairy cow rations. It contains both calcium montmorillonite and clinoptilolite, is mined in the United States, and is processed in a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility. DeTerra 365’s high quality control helps mitigate feed challenges and support immune function at an economical price point.

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  • Contains calcium montmorillonite, a smectite clay
  • Contains clinoptilolite, a natural zeolite
  • Unique structure and small particle size provide high surface area for cation exchange
  • Binds moisture in feed, limiting the potential for mold growth and mycotoxin production
  • unibet casino bonusImproves feedstuff flowability and quality
  • Does not bind vitamins or minerals
  • Heat stable
  • Consistently pure—no heavy metals or dioxins
  • Economically priced

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