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This probiotic provides producers with a low-cost option that supports overall intestinal health while focusing on ration digestibility. Dairyman’s Edge® CORE can be fed as a standalone product or in conjunction with any yeast product currently in the ration.

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  • Contains six strains of live bacteria and DeTerra 365™
  • Supports fiber and starch digestion
  • Supports beneficial bacteria in the rumen and lower GI tract
  • Formulated to support lactate to propionate conversion, microbial pathogen inhibitors and enzyme production
  • Supports healthy milk production and efficiency

The Spotlight

Get more insights and information about how Dairyman’s Edge is the most rational ration decision when daily challenges threaten your herd’s digestive health.

One of the primary goals when feeding cows is to maximize fiber and starch digestibility for efficient production.

When it comes to dairy cows, not all enzymes are created alike. Some are more consistent and effective

Gut damage is a challenge on many dairy farms that can lead to poor cow health and productivity.

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