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Cattleman’s Edge® technologies harness the best of natural prebiotics (yeast culture/yeast cell wall), probiotics (live yeast/live bacteria) and enzymes to support optimal rumen fermentation, digestion and immune unibet casino reviewfunction. The result is cattle that can process feed more efficiently, show improved performance per pound of feed and cope with stressors more effectively. Ideal for cow-calf, backgrounder and feeder operations, Cattleman’s Edge provides a broad range of applications and cost-effective options for operations of all types and sizes.

Cattleman's Edge PRIME

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With Cattleman’s Edge PRIME advanced prebiotic, you get beef cattle with a more stable, robust rumen bacterial population better able to utilize feed and reach genetic potential.


  • Beneficial rumen bacteria
  • Fiber and starch digestibility
  • Colostrum quality
  • Feed efficiency
  • Average daily gain
Cattleman's Edge DRIVE

Focus on digestibility.

Formulated for all types unibet live casinoof beef cattle operations, the Cattleman’s Edge DRIVE probiotic contains highly selected strains of live bacteria that support starch and fiber digestion along with overall gastrointestinal health. Cattle that efficiently capture nutrients are more likely to remain healthy, produce and grow despite stressors.


  • Lactate to propionate conversion
  • Microbial pathogen inhibitors
  • Enzyme production
  • Starch and fiber digestion
  • Beneficial bacteria in the rumen and lower GI tract
Cattleman's Edge BOOST

Synergy at its best.

The Cattleman’s Edge BOOST prebiotic/probiotic combination product supports healthy rumen, intestinal and immune function in high performance cattle. Healthy herds show increased resiliency when challenged unibet casinoleading to significant economic advantages.


  • Beneficial bacteria in the rumen
  • Intestinal health and function
  • Immune function
  • Pathogenic inhibition

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