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Below you’ll find our full line of premium nutritional products that support consultants, feed suppliers and producers nationwide in reaching their health, production, efficiency and profitability goals. unibet casino appOur solutions are customizable, and we’ll work with you to find the precise fit for your operation and needs.

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Prebiotics and probiotics support rumen health and overall nutritional efficiency. Papillon’s formulations are designed for lactating dairy cows, calves and cattle.

Custom Amino Acid Blends

A consistent, balanced ration is critical for unibet casinoherd efficiency and dairy profitability. Papillon’s custom amino acid blends deliver consistent levels of metabolizable protein and amino acids and can be formulated to match your herd’s specific nutrient requirements.

Specialty Solutions

Cows face challenges to their health, nutrition and efficiency on a daily basis. Papillon’s specialty unibet casino reviewproducts can be utilized during all phases of production.