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Premium nutritional products that boost the bottom line. That’s what Papillon Agricultural Company delivers. But what we provide goes far beyond that.

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At Papillon, we prioritize delivering service based on individual needs. Our team has decades of experience, and we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your specific operation.

unibet live casinoCutting-edge technologies.

Pioneering work in prebiotics and probiotics, bypass proteins and amino acid nutrition, Papillon is dedicated to providing customers with innovative technology to support ruminant performance and ensure long-run operation viability.

quality control.

Nutritional efficiency requires consistency. All ingredients and finished products are inspected, sampled and analyzed under Papillon’s rigorous quality control program. We monitor the process from start to finish to produce products that consistently deliver.

Our history.

Papillon Agricultural Company was founded in Easton, Maryland, in 1983 to help foster innovation in animal agriculture. For nearly 40 years, Papillon has helped dairy producers and nutritional consultants find the best unibet live casinoway forward with innovative solutions in prebiotics and probiotics, bypass proteins and amino acid nutrition.

In 1986, Dairyman’s Edge® was developed and marketed as the first combination probiotic in the dairy industry. Then in 1992, the bypass protein business was launched. Expansion continued, and in 2004 Papillon became the exclusive Midwest and East Coast distributor of MIN‑AD®.

To further advance dairy nutrition and feed efficiency, Gemini Proteins™ were introduced in 2007, Dairyman’s Edge expanded to include Dairyman’s Edge PRO in 2010, and in 2016 BaciFlex was developed. In that same year, Papillon was acquired by the MIN-AD family of companies which accelerated national expansion.

The innovations didn’t stop there. The Dairyman’s Edge line was enhanced in 2019 with improved formulations and the addition unibet casinoof Dairyman’s Edge CORE to the family. Cattlemen’s Edge® was introduced in 2020 and specialty product DeTerra 365™ was launched in 2021 and Excelene™ custom amino acid blends debuted in 2024.

Through it all Papillon has provided dedicated service and expanded the team to meet the needs of the dairy industry. As we continue to grow and develop new solutions for the future, the same commitments remain.

Papillon finds a way.

What our customers are saying.

At Papillon Agricultural Company, diligent support for our customers is our top priority. In their own words, here’s what our customers have to say about Papillon.